Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR

At T.T.E. Engineering (M) Sdn. Bhd., we contribute to society through creating the highest quality based on the promotion of mutual respect. Thus, we consider the following sentence a fundamental idea in our CSR management: Considering CSR Management in fulfilling social responsibilities, as a core element of our management philosophy which cannot be separated from our business activities, we make efforts to improve our corporate value while shouldering our social responsibilities, and we aim to realize a sustainable society.

We will deepen our communication with all of our stakeholders and fulfill our responsibilities as a member of society, for example, contributing to the sustainable development of society by providing technologies for saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions, aiming to realize the highest-quality environment and a decarbonized society through personal harmony and the creativity of individuals.

TTE Engineering CSR corporate group photo

Reforestation in Kuching (Sarawak)

Establishing the project areas as the model forest for education, research for researchers and professors of UNIMAS, and recreation for the public in the future.

Project period: 5 years (starting from Jan 2018)
Total area: 10 ha (2 ha. per year)
Total trees: Approximately 25,000 (5,000 trees per year) Project members: Collaboration between UNIMAS, Japan-Malaysia Association & Takasago

Basic CSR Policies

  • The top management shall recognize that CSR management is its own role and take the initiative.
  • Promote fair and highly transparent management, by means including the implementation of corporate ethics and establishment of an internal control system.
  • Actively promote environmental conservation activities as an enterprise that calls itself an environmental solution company.
  • Develop and provide products and services which are socially useful, yet high quality, and achieve customer satisfaction.
  • Pursue the improvement of employee satisfaction by developing a physically and mentally safe and healthy work environment not only for our employees but also for everyone working at our workplace, and also promoting the development of systems raising the motivation of employees and the development of the employees’ skills.
  • Try to establish harmony with society, for example, by proactively implementing activities for communication with society.
  • Develop a system to promote the above policies.